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Monday’s Favorite Meal

For nearly 200 years, red beans and rice has been a dish held dear in the hearts of Louisianans. Now, with today’s hectic schedules and tighter budgets, it’s more relevant —and practical— than ever. Read on to learn the history of Monday’s favorite meal, and discover why it deserves to be on your family’s weekly menu.

Shop the Best. Serve the Best.

Say hello to the trifecta of iconic Louisiana brands: Cajun Country Rice, Camellia Beans and Savoie’s® Sausage. When it comes to making an unforgettable bowl of red beans, sausage & rice, these three will deliver an authentic dish every time. Look for them in a grocery store near you!

These companies teamed up with Second Harvest Food Bank and Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank to bring Red Beans and Rice to tables across Louisiana. For every one of their products purchased at participating retailers, the companies made donations to the area food banks. As a result, 100,000 meals will be provided to families in need.

Discover the Dish

While the tradition of red beans & rice with sausage has a direct connection to New Orleans, it’s a dish that truly lends itself to any palate. No matter your skill level, this meal is easy to learn, easier to cook and perfect for adding unique touches to make it your own. Explore our collection of recipe variations, and find one that fits you!

From New Orleans to Your Plate

Back in the 19th century, Monday was laundry day for the average New Orleans family. It was a busy day — one that called for hours of hands-on work and didn’t leave much time for cooking big dinners. But in New Orleans, there’s no such thing as a small dinner.

Families needed a recipe that didn’t require a lot of attention, was inexpensive and easy to make. Something that could make use of ham hock bones, sausage or other meats in the kitchen was ideal. All it took was the kidney bean’s arrival from Haiti and a little Southern creativity, and voila! Red beans and rice was born. 

With each passing Monday, the tradition grew stronger as more and more families fell in love with the simplicity it brought to their busy schedules. New variations cropped up over time as each household gave the recipe their unique spin: A new sausage variety here. A different grain of rice there. From different spice combinations to garnish options and more, the dish became as diverse as the city of New Orleans itself.

Today, it’s still a beloved Southern staple, and for good reason: Making something delicious to share with the people you love will never be easier than a steaming bowl of red beans, sausage and rice.

Red Beans & Rice Art Contest

Join us in celebrating all things Red Beans & Rice – through ART! Cajun Country Rice, Camellia Brand and Savoie’s® Foods are excited to announce an art competition commemorating Louisiana’s most iconic Monday meal. Want to participate? It’s easy! Click below.